Why Is Apple TV So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Fletcher Crawford is a 20-year veteran of the electrical engineering field. He has worked on everything from Linux systems to Apple products, and is passionate about technology.

A great television experience has been redefined by inventions like Apple TV, which is being marketed as the key to turning dumb TV into smart ones, and smart ones even smarter.

There is no denying that Apple TV is a fine technology, but you might be wondering why Apple TV is still so expensive with its current competitors. Here is what I found!

Why Is Apple TV So Expensive?

Apple TV is so expensive because it carries the most popular brand name in the world. Moreover, Apple TV offers several features that are more advanced than other streaming devices like HomeKit, Siri, and Apple Arcade. Apart from these features, Apple TV also provides better security for all its users.

If you are interested in learning more about Apple TV’s high-tech features and similar factors that add to Apple TV’s costs like marketing, shipping, and import fees, keep on reading!

1. Apple Is A Renowned Brand

Currently, Apple still holds the crown in Brand Finance’s Global 500 list of the world’s most valuable brands.

That said, among the top reasons for this is the brand loyalty that Apple commands.

In fact, Apple has such a vast and zealous following that it has been considered a cultural phenomenon.

Naturally, such a massive brand can get away with placing hefty price tags on its products, which is exactly what Apple does, especially with Apple TV.

2. Apple TV Uses A Powerful Processor

Apple TV comes in two models, namely the 2017 and the 2021 versions. Also, while both look and function almost the same way, the 2021 Apple TV has a faster processor.

Now, faster is an understatement, given that the 2017 Apple TV was already impressive. However, the 2021 upgrade brings Apple TV to an entirely different league.

Moreover, regardless of which model you buy, you can ensure Apple TV won’t disappoint in terms of speed, regardless of which functions you use, making Apple TV expensive.

3. Apple TV Is A Portable TV Streamer

Apple TV is not the only portable streaming box on the market, but Apple TV is reputed to be the best.

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So, given the high-end features of Apple TV, its portable nature is an added treat for those who want to ensure that they can stream their favorite shows anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, when such incredible technology is packed in a portable box, you can expect that producing it is more costly. As such, Apple TV is sold at a higher price.

4. Apple TV Can Remote Control Your Home

Apple TV’s partnership with Thread enables Apple TV to provide a convenient HomeKit experience. So, if you want to build a smart home, Apple TV is the way to go.

Generally, Apple TV does this by extending the limits of your HomeKit outside the typical capacity of your WiFi network.

Through Apple TV, you can communicate with your HomeKit devices and control all connected devices remotely, even when you are not at home.

When you think about it, Apple TV provides more value than the typical streaming devices, which is why Apple TV costs so much.

5. Apple TV Comes With Apple Arcade

5. Apple TV Comes With Apple Arcade

Apart from being a streaming device and a valuable HomeKit accessory, Apple TV is also a gaming hub, thanks to Apple Arcade.

For example, games that you could only play on other Apple devices can be accessed through your Apple TV and played on the big screen for a more immersive experience.

So, while Apple Arcade is far from turning your Apple TV into the next Xbox or PlayStation, it is a treat for kids and avid gamers and must therefore come at a hefty price.

6. AppleTV Is An Extension Of Your iPhone

Apple TV is basically an extension of your iPhone when used within its ecosystem, meaning Apple TV can share your iCloud music library and photo library.

Moreover, you can use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on your Apple TV.

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Using this feature, you can streamline the content across all your devices and enjoy your Apple TV without any hassle.

Therefore, being a feature that not all smartphones and streaming devices can do, Apple has to charge more.

7. Apple TV Protects Your Privacy

Perhaps one of the most defining features of Apple TV is the privacy it gives you. That said, Apple is known for its rigorous efforts to protect your information from any forms of abuse.

So, you are unlikely to enjoy the same level of privacy with other brands, especially since monitoring your account information and streaming activities is common practice.

Additionally, establishing this kind of security involves a lot of experts and high-end infrastructure. In exchange for this valuable offering, Apple TV has to be expensive.

8. Apple TV Enables Multi-User Experience

Apple TV promotes a multi-user experience that makes streaming your favorite shows and finding new ones easier, even when you are sharing the Apple TV with your family.

So, while this is a feature also available in streaming platforms like Netflix, a multi-user experience that comes with all the other perks Apple TV offers makes the experience better.

This way, everyone in your family can maximize the Apple TV individually without your streaming preferences and Apple account information getting muddled.

Therefore, empowering each iPhone user in your family to have a customized experience with your Apple TV is a big feature that makes Apple TV so expensive.

9. Apple TV Comes With A Siri Remote

Apple TV’s Siri Remote is an impressive navigation tool, especially if you have the new one with the traditional D-pad instead of a touchpad.

Also, apart from providing a seamless manual remote control function, you can switch to voice control and let Siri do the heavy lifting for you.

Moreover, integrating Apple’s Siri with Apple TV is a life-changing innovation, especially for multitaskers who have their hands full cooking, working out, or chasing children.

Therefore, when you combine the immense value of a voice-controlled streaming device with the cost of building this technology, you get an expensive Apple TV.

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10. Apple TV Produces Great Ads

Apple knows that its streaming device is expensive, and even with a loyal following, it still needs to justify why Apple TV is worth the cost.

To do this, Apple releases great advertisements on several platforms that inform consumers about what they look forward to when they purchase an Apple TV.

That said, tapping into effective marketing teams and generating these great ads comes at a price, which is reflected in Apple TV’s final cost.

11. Apple TV Is Shipped & Imported

Apple TV and similar products are mostly made in China and other Asian countries. So, while you would assume this makes shipments less expensive, the reverse is true.

Essentially, Apple uses a manufacturing hub that is already saturated with other big brands.

Therefore, ports can become easily congested, and trade channels can encounter problems.

Once the Apple TV reaches its destination, tariffs are imposed on it before being distributed locally.

Overall, shipment and import fees combined can easily increase the price of Apple TVs.

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Apple TV is a streaming device that offers multiple features and better privacy options than other brands.

Moreover, consumers can enjoy better customization with their Apple TV since they can connect their iPhones and other Apple gadgets.

Lastly, features like voice control and HomeKit further inflate the cost of Apple TV, and additional expenses like marketing and shipping make Apple TV’s final selling price higher.


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