Why Is Tazorac So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Have you purchased the topical acne treatment Tazorac and realized that it’s fairly expensive to buy? Do you want to know why Tazorac is so costly?

If so, I’ve been looking into this topic and have found several reasons why it’s pricey, so keep reading as I dive into the specific factors that determine the price!

Why Is Tazorac So Expensive?

Tazorac is expensive because it’s a brand name medication without a generic version, which means you’re paying more for that brand name. Additionally, since this is often used as acne medicine, it may not be covered under your insurance, and you’ll have to pay the out-of-pocket expense.  It’s also a prescription which drives up the price!

Do you want to know additional details about why Tazorac is so expensive? Well, continue reading to find the complete list of reasons below, and you’ll be surprised at what I’ve discovered!

1. It’s A Brand Name Medication

Tazorac is a brand-name medication, which means you’re paying more money for it since there is not a generic version offered.

However, once the patent is up and a generic version is produced, it will bring the price of this particular medication down since there will be competition.

2. It May Not Be Covered Through Insurance

Some insurance companies do not see acne treatment as a necessity and are purely cosmetic, which means your insurance may not cover the costs of the medication.

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Therefore, you may have to pay entirely out of pocket to get your Tazorac prescription filled, which will cost you more money than if you just had a co-payment through insurance.

3. It’s A Prescription Medication

Another reason why Tazorac is so expensive is that it’s a prescription medication and prescription medications often cost more than over-the-counter medications.

Also, prescription medications require a doctor, making them more elusive and harder to obtain, adding to the costs.

4. The Gel Version Is Often Higher-Priced

Tazorac comes in either a gel, foam, or cream, and the gel version is more expensive than the other forms of the medication, so you may be paying more just because it’s a gel.

Therefore, you could ask for the cream or foam version instead, which may lower the costs associated with this acne medication.

5. It’ll Work Quicker Than OTC Retinol Products

5. It’ll Work Quicker Than OTC Retinol Products

Tazorac is expensive because it’s a retinol product that’ll work quicker than the over-the-counter retinol products, so you’re paying for the costs associated with a much quicker treatment.

For example, over-the-counter retinol products may take several weeks to clear your acne, but you may notice a change within a week or two using this product.

6. The Strength Of The Medication

You can get Tazorac in either .05% or .1% strength, and the price that you pay for the medication may depend on the strength that was prescribed to you.

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Additionally, since this medication is available in only two strengths, it drives the prices up since you don’t have several options, and they are both in high demand.

Therefore, if you’ve noticed the medication is expensive, you could ask for a lower strength, which could slightly cut the medication’s costs.

7. It’s Effective

Lastly, Tazorac is expensive because it’s effective, and people will pay the price regardless of what that is because it works and isn’t a rip-off.

Furthermore, the popularity of the acne medication, which also helps wrinkles, makes it in higher demand, and the company knows it can charge more without losing customers.

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Whether you suffer from acne or wrinkles, you may have noticed Tazorac is expensive to buy, which is caused by a prescription retinol medication that works quicker than an OTC.

Additionally, there is no generic available, and this medication comes in either .05% or .1% versions, so it being available in only two varieties will cause the price to be higher.

Furthermore, it’s popular since it works so well at clearing acne, drives the price up due to a bigger demand, and the company knows you’ll pay for a product that works!

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