Why Is Reading So Boring? (11 Reasons Why)

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The old saying goes, “Reading is fundamental,” but others will say otherwise. If you think reading is boring, it’s okay, because you’re not the only one in the world who feels this way. 

However, if you are trying to read more, it may be challenging to break out of the mentality or understand why it is boring, but there are eleven reasons why that I’ve discovered behind this. 

Why Is Reading So Boring?

1. You’d Rather Watch TV 

You would rather watch television. It provides quicker satisfaction and doesn’t require much work from you. 

A benefit of watching television is that you can do it from the comfort of your bed or couch and change your mind as much as possible, whereas with a book, if you feel like you’re stuck with it. 

2. School

School is essential in having specific careers and getting ahead in life. However, for many, an unfortunate part of school is required reading and the testing and discussions that go along with it. 

Being forced to read for the sake of a grade, being tested, or having to read aloud can be humiliating, daunting, or too much work for some students and put them off. 

As some students view school as boring, being forced to read when they do not want to do any work will implant in their minds that reading is boring because of the materials. 

In schools, you are often required to read classics versus modern, young adult novels that seem more interesting than the hard-to-read and challenging to decipher. 

3. You Have A Hard Time Focusing 

You may have difficulty focusing on the books that you are trying, or are required, to read. Reading a book, or even a text excerpt, can be a strenuous process. 

You may be one who cannot sit for long periods and need to move around and do other things to occupy your time. 

If you are one of those, reading a book will likely take longer and become less appealing. You’ll lose interest and think it is because of the book, not you, and will grow to dislike reading. 

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And while it is suggested that you move around, whether you’re reading or doing anything else, to stretch, some will take it as the book they are reading is plain dull. 

4. You’re A Mood Reader 

This ties in with number three a bit, but maybe you are a bit of a mood reader. A reader cannot read every day or at any time but reads whenever they feel like it. 

If you try to read every day, whether required reading or fun, you’ll have a more challenging time because your brain is not equipped to sit for long periods to read. 

So, this isn’t one of those cases where reading is boring, but you are likely misdiagnosing the situation and a moody reader who likes to read whatever and whenever you feel like it. 

5. You Don’t Know What You Like 

When you are frustrated with the books you choose, it’s likely because you are still unfamiliar with what types of books and genres you like. 

This ties into number two. Typically, students are required to read classic novels, and the text coupled with the vocabulary and knowledge that this is for school can put people off. 

There is little variety and options for students, and it will leave them close-minded unless it is mentioned by a friend or family member that there are more genres other than classics to enjoy. 

It is recommended to experiment with different books because there is a likely chance that you will find a book that you will like. Because if you can read a text message, you can read a book. 

6. The Text/Vocabulary

The Text/Vocabulary

Having a difficult time reading a book can be off-putting because of the hard-to-read vocabulary that accumulates throughout the novel or text. 

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Taking the time to figure out the pronunciation of a word can take a person out of the book. 

Also, sometimes, the student will use “reading is boring” as an excuse to spare themselves the embarrassment of not being able to read a particular word(s). 

And, again, tying into the required school reading, you are reading classics written in the 1900s and presenting a different language or form of writing than you would see in more modern books.

7. You Prefer To See The Movie 

You are likely to prefer seeing the movie over reading the book. Just like wanting to watch television over reading, it is easier for you to watch the film because it’s the same as the book, right? It’s not. 

The narrative that the film is the same as the book is false and has been proven repeatedly by those who read, but again for you, and it is more entertaining and faster than reading. 

8. It’s A Tedious Process

Depending on the novel’s length and how fast you read, there is a likely assumption that reading a book is a tedious process. 

A frustration among those who tried reading is that there is no quick reward for reading a book. 

You’re not getting paid and not getting a prize, but the fulfillment is supposed to be finishing the book, which could take a while, i.e., a day, week(s), or longer. 

Reading is fundamental, provides many benefits, and helps your brain become healthier and likelier to widen your imagination and mood over time the more you stick with it. 

9. You’re Forcing It 

You are forcing it, which will put you off from wanting to read more, frustrating you, and causing you to give up. 

This ties into you being a mood reader. You want to read whatever and whenever you want, but scenarios like school, a book club, or any other event is likely to require a due date to read a book. 

Outside of reading for school or other events, reading should be for fun and not feel like a chore. So, please don’t feel like you have to force yourself to read, do it whenever you feel like it. 

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10. You Haven’t Tried Audiobooks

Have you ever tried listening to audiobooks? Maybe that is the solution to your struggles with reading. 

Reading takes time, and you must sit in one place to read a book, but try audiobooks. With audiobooks, you can start and stop whenever you want and move around as you please. 

There are various ways to listen to an audiobook via your local library, audiobook services, or a simple search online, and you can find some uploaded online for free. 

11. Lack Of Pictures 

Reading just text across 200+ pages can easily be boring. A lack of pictures prevents there from being a fourth wall broken and prevents them from wanting to continue the book. 

There doesn’t have to be just pictures added within the novel(s), but some form of interaction to make the book enjoyable, i.e., a map, dossier-type novels, etc. 

For those who are unable to find these types of books, reading just straight text will bore you and make you want to watch television, movies, or play video games. 

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Reading isn’t for everyone, but the overall consensus of reading being bland isn’t necessarily true, but an opinion from likely past bad experiences with reading in school or being forced to. 

A love of reading is a natural progression and is easier for some than others.


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    Lucas Reynolds loves playing tennis, golf, and football the most. But really, he'll play any sport as long as it's competitive.

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