Why Is Petland So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

Pets are fantastic creatures that you can have to keep company and take care of in your home. If the process of adopting a pet has been taking a long time for you, you may be considering buying a pet from pet stores like Petland.

If you look at the prices at Petland, you may be wondering why Petland is so expensive. I did the research, and here is what I learned!

Why Is Petland So Expensive?

Petland is expensive because Petland sells purebred pets, which are naturally more expensive than mixed-breed pets or unknown pet breeds. Moreover, Petland adds input costs like vet care, rent, employee salaries, etc., to the total cost of the pets. Plus, Petland offers credit card services and financing options, which can have high-interest rates.

Do you want to find out more unique facts about what affects Petland’s costs? I created a list below, so keep reading!

1. Purebreeds

Firstly, one of the main reasons Petland is expensive is that Petland sells purebred cats and dogs. Typically, purebred pets are pricier than mixed breeds or pets with unknown breeds.

However, a purebred pet does not necessarily make this pet better than any other type of pet.

Generally, purebreds are more expensive because people see more value in purebreds and have specific parents.

Ultimately, a pet is a pet, no matter what breed you choose.

Typically, the only advantage of getting a purebred pet is knowing what the animal will look like and what temperament it might have.

2. Interest Rates

One unique benefit that makes Petland more expensive is that Petland offers financing.

That said, Petland works with several banks to offer lending services to customers to buy pets, especially if the pet costs several thousand dollars.

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If you accept Petland’s financing loan, you will need to repay the loan.

However, these loans often come with high-interest rates that can reach up to 2.2%, meaning you could pay more than twice the amount of the pet’s initial price.

3. Pet Care

Since Petland sells living creatures, each pet will go through a series of vet visits.

That said, these vet visits are crucial to keep the pet healthy before they go to their new homes, but vet visits can be pretty expensive.

For instance, puppies have to regularly visit a vet to get their vaccination shots and deworming sessions. Moreover, the puppies will need to be screened to see if they have health issues.

4. Low Supply

If you are getting pets from reputable breeders, it is unlikely that the breeder will breed thousands of puppies a year.

For instance, Petland only has a limited supply of dogs because its commercial breeders can only breed so many dogs a year.

However, the demand for pets is high, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on some sources, the pandemic caused a spike in demand for dogs, likely because people wanted to have companions at home.

Therefore, Petland has to raise its prices to accommodate the public’s demand for pets with a limited supply.

5. Breeding Costs

5. Breeding Costs

Usually, Petland gets its pets from commercial breeders, often expensive to breed. Further, breeding pets is time-consuming, costly, and requires effort to ensure that the pets are healthy.

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For instance, breeders have to provide their pets with the proper shelter and medical care.

Moreover, breeders will have to select the food and medicine the pets will have carefully, and these costs can add to the prices of pets at Petland.

6. Labor Costs

Typically, Petland has to hire many veterinarians to work with Petland because veterinarians are experts.

However, hiring a veterinarian is pretty expensive since you pay for the veterinarian’s skill and knowledge.

Moreover, many pets Petland sells will be kept in the store, which means that the pets have to be watched and cared for. Therefore, Petland will hire a lot of animal caretakers for the animals.

Plus, jobs related to animal care are not the only types of employees that Petland has to hire. For instance, Petland will need to hire cashiers and janitors to keep the store running smoothly.

7. The Size Of The Store

Normally, Petland’s costs will go toward rent Petland has to pay to run. Generally, the cost of rent will depend on the size of the Petland store.

Moreover, the store’s size will also affect how many employees Petland will need.

For instance, huge Petland branches will require many more employees to maintain the business and take care of the animals.

8. Warranties

Another reason Petland is expensive is that Petland has warranties for its pets.

So, if your pet from Petland has a warranty, Petland will replace your pet free of charge if something happens to your pet in the first year of you owning the pet.

9. Credit Card Charges

Other than interest rates, Petland tends to be more expensive because it offers credit card services; most other pet stores do not accept credit cards for payment.

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However, using a credit card comes with charges, which means you could pay more than you would with cash.

10. Puppy Training

A notable feature that you get from Petland that makes Petland more expensive is that puppies from Petland have been trained.

That said, these puppies will already be somewhat behaved thanks to the professional training.

11. Popular Dog Breeds

As with most things, anything trendy tends to be more expensive.

Moreover, this may apply to dog breeds, meaning finding a popular dog breed like a pug at Petland would mean the pug is more expensive than the other dogs.

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Usually, Petland is expensive because it sells purebred pets, which are often more expensive because people think purebred pets are more valuable.

Moreover, Petland can sell trendy dog breeds that are more costly.

Also, Petland often needs to offset the costs of running its store, the breeder, caring for the pets, etc. Therefore, Petland often charges much more for its pets than other stores.


  • Ava Medina

    Ava Medina has 20 years of experience as a veterinarian assistant and is utterly obsessed with rabbits and cats. Ava also volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time.

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