Why Are Suhr Guitars So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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John Suhr began his construction business in New Jersey 35 years ago. During his bar band days, he began making his instruments in search of the ultimate tone.

His ultimate goal is not simply the appearance of the guitars, but the concept underlying the creation and growth and constantly advocating for maximum quality. Here’s what I’ve uncovered about why quality comes second to incredibly high prices!

Why Are Suhr Guitars So Expensive?

Suhr Guitars are expensive because they are made in the United States with high-quality materials. The guitars are built to last, no matter how hard you play them. Furthermore, they produce a vibrant and complete sound, considering the finest wood that has been carefully selected for its tonal properties and endurance.

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1. High-Quality Materials

When it comes to high-quality guitars, the materials used are crucial.

So, the first thing you’ll notice about a Suhr guitar is its weight—they’re far heavier than most other guitars today because they’re made of natural wood.

Further, Suhr uses only the best basswood body, maple neck, and mahogany to Indian rosewood for its manufacturing process, producing a durable and long-lasting instrument.

Also, Suhr selects the wood used in these instruments to ensure optimal performance and tone quality.

When you factor in the cost of these materials and the time it takes to make each guitar by hand, it’s no wonder that Suhr guitars are so expensive!

2. US-Based Brand

Formerly known as JS Technologies Inc, with rebranded name Suhr Guitars, it is an American producer of electric guitars and basses, as well as guitar amplifiers and effect units.

Because it is a US-based brand, the manufacturing process is significantly longer because each step must be conducted over a greater global distance, and each stage requires more time.

In addition to these costs, being a US-based guitar firm entails substantial shipping charges from one end of the country to the other.

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3. Acclaimed Brand Guitar Expertise

Having been around for over 30 years, Suhr has established itself as one of the most respected brands in the industry.

That said, Suhr is now one of the world’s most prominent guitar manufacturers, with players worldwide applauding the company for superb craftsmanship and build quality.

Musicians like Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton know what they want from their instruments, so they only choose high-quality options like Suhr guitars.

However, with a renowned brand name comes added value; Suhr guitars are potentially worth their weight in gold!

4. Custom Guitar Generator

When you order a Suhr Custom Guitar Generator, you get a guitar that has been built from scratch just for you.

Further, the cost of the custom guitars starts at $3,192 and can go up from there, depending on the options you choose.

Of course, customization takes longer because they’re handcrafted rather than mass-produced like most guitars, making each one unique from all others created by various firms worldwide!

Any preset configurations do not fence you, and as long as you have a fancy budget, there are no limits to what you can create.

5. Body Construction & Finish Level

5. Body Construction & Finish Level

Suhr’s build quality is famous for being a step beyond the others since each guitar is the attention to detail they put into each guitar.

Also, Suhr is pretty cautious about the materials used to construct the company’s guitars. As a result, Suhr only produces about 1,200 guitars per year for each model.

Additionally, the guitars use birdseye maple for the fretboard, which allows for a more precise sound when you play it.

As a result, the cost of these materials adds up quickly, as does the additional time and effort that goes into building them.

6. Boutique Approach

A boutique guitar concept, by definition, does not mass produce instruments in significant quantities. Typically, these craftsmen make guitars one at a time or in limited batches.

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They only have a certain number of guitars to create each year, and some Suhr guitars are restricted in production, with only 300-400 guitars available for such models.

Also, Suhr assures its items to be top-rated, which is reflected in the extremely high prices, putting quality over quantity.

7. PLEK System

Suhr’s PLEK technology, which applies to all guitars, is a critical element that makes the guitars unique.

That said, it enables the instrument to execute accurate and efficient fretwork, improving playability and producing a superb sound.

Further, PLEK is the fingerboard art transformed into a machine. It is also a way of looking at your instrument’s fingerboard, frets, and strings.

Of course, a “perfect fretwork” designation on a guitar dramatically raises the price, especially if the work is done in an expensive country like the United States.

8. Handmade Pickups

Single-coil and humbuckers pickups made of Alnico II magnets and cloth wire give a vintage sound reminiscent of old guitars; both types of pickups cost between $100 and $200.

So, if you want a Les Paul-style guitar and have the money to invest, consider purchasing a Suhr.

While they are more expensive than other guitars in the same price range, they have several distinguishing features that make them worthwhile.

9. Exceptional Resell Value

If you understand the market for guitars, Suhr guitars can be a wise investment.

For example, the guitars can be more predictable than stocks, have a wide range of valuable guitars that keep their value, and are physical assets.

Having said that, the information available suggests that Suhr has a high resell value. Given the average Suhr guitar pricing (about $3,000), that is an outstanding value.

Also, these guitars can undeniably be sold at a premium because they will retain their worth as collector’s goods even if they begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear.

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10. Press Releases And Advertisements

Suhr Guitars has been around for almost 35 years and has had a significant presence in the guitar market.

For example, they have been featured on several websites, television shows, and other media types.

When launching a new product, it’s critical to spread the word; the company must ensure that people are aware of it to purchase it!

Although advertising is expensive, it increases interest in the product and helps build demand for it.

Additionally, it increases the number of people who buy the products and boosts their prices due to the extra costs you incur during the process.

11. Boom In Guitar Demand

According to Majeski, retail profit margins have increased due to the increased demand.

He also forecasts that, while the current 20-30% surge in sales is unlikely to sustain, demand for guitars will remain high for some time.

So, with such an increase in the popularity of guitars, many guitar makers, such as Suhr, have increased production costs to keep up with demand.

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Suhr guitar models now hold a certain level of distinction as one of the world’s most highly respected guitar manufacturers.

While they may not be the best guitars for everyone, with the high quality and durability of materials and a well-known brand name, you can purchase top-grade guitars worth their price.

Ultimately, Suhr guitars have proven to be equal to any other manufacturer’s best work while providing better value in their build.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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