Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Blonde is one of the hottest albums to come out in the past decade, and when a vinyl version was released, Frank Ocean fans were quick to get a copy.

If you are hearing about Blonde vinyl only now, however, you might be a little hesitant to make the purchase. Why is the Blonde vinyl so expensive? Here is what I found!

Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive?

1. There Is A High Demand For The Blonde Vinyl

Blonde was only Frank Ocean’s second studio album, but the anticipation for Blonde’s release was already intense.

That said, when Blonde finally came out in August 2016 in digital and CD format, it ranked first in the music charts of over five countries and within the top ten hits in others.

Naturally, Blonde’s release in vinyl form was welcomed with open arms by Frank Ocean fans, as vinyl is a new way of experiencing Frank Ocean’s music.

As demands for the Blonde vinyl increased, so did the vinyl’s price.

2. Blonde Vinyl Is A Limited Edition

While increased demand for the Blonde vinyl was good news for Frank Ocean and his associates, it was not for the many fans that wanted a copy.

Mainly, this is because the Blonde vinyl is a limited edition format of the album. In fact, it is believed that only 1,000 copies of the Blonde vinyl were ever made.

Naturally, limited editions with numerous interested buyers end up with higher prices, as there is a guarantee that people are willing to spend a lot of money to acquire the goods.

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Such was the case with the Blonde vinyl, and it continues to be the case now that bootlegged versions of the Blonde vinyl are on the rise.

Currently, the cost of an original Blonde vinyl is at an all-time high, especially if the Blonde vinyl is still sealed.

3. Blonde Is One Of The Greatest Albums Of All Time

Blonde is considered one of the best albums ever released, not just by Frank Ocean fans but also by respected institutions in the music industry.

For example, one of those institutions is the Rolling Stones, which included Blonde in the updated list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Not only is Blonde on the list, but ranked 79th, putting him in league with artists like David Bowie, Chuck Berry, Pink Floyd, and Van Morrison.

With Blonde receiving such high acclaim, the value of Frank Ocean’s music increased accordingly.

Likewise, so did the prices of Frank Ocean’s albums, specifically the Blonde vinyl format.

4. The Blonde Vinyl Was Available For Only 24 Hours

Being a limited edition format was enough to make the Blonde vinyl so rare that prices skyrocketed at once; imagine what limited sale time did to those prices.

That said, when Frank Ocean announced that the Blonde vinyl was going to be on sale, it came with an important reminder that the sale would last for only 24 hours.

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Further, this added factor in Blonde vinyl’s rarity increased the buying stakes because people were guaranteed to give up sizable sums just to race everybody else to a copy.

Also, since music is a business and the Blonde vinyl was guaranteed to sell, Frank Ocean and his associates must have felt it was no risk to sell it with a hefty price tag.

5. The Blonde Vinyl Has High Resale Prices

5. The Blonde Vinyl Has High Resale Prices

Frank Ocean fans were not the only ones interested in getting copies of the Blonde vinyl; collectors and resellers were eager to get their hands on some, too.

That said, avid fans and resellers put so much time and effort into acquiring the Blonde vinyl.

Naturally, when collectors and other interested buyers came knocking, mark-ups were already in place.

6. Vinyl Is Expensive To Make

Apart from Frank Ocean’s massive following and Blonde’s popularity, the fact that vinyl is expensive to make adds to the costliness of the Blonde vinyl.

Compared to modern CDs, vinyl records are several times larger, which means more materials go into making vinyl records.

Additionally, the process of pressing records requires special skills and tools.

Therefore, with the labor and materials shortage in pressing plants, producing vinyl records has become pricier.

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As such, producing the Blonde vinyl required a huge investment, and the producers could only get compensated if they sold Blonde vinyl at a high price.

7. There Is A Vinyl Records Revival

Demands for vinyl records have been steadily growing in the past decade. Generally, this is because vinyl records have a greater aesthetic appeal than tapes or CDs.

Moreover, some consumers buy vinyl records simply because they are attracted to the packaging.

Regardless of individual reasons, vinyl is making a comeback, which increased the appeal of the Blonde vinyl and, therefore, its price.

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The Blonde vinyl is a rare format of Frank Ocean’s Blonde album. With Blonde enjoying critical success, the vinyl’s value automatically increased.

Moreover, the Blonde vinyl has limited copies and was sold for only 24 hours on Frank Ocean’s website.

Alongside the great demand for vinyl records in general, it is not surprising that the Blonde vinyl is as expensive as it is today.


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    Freya Crawford is a self-confessed geek. She loves gaming, watching classic movies, and her guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. She also enjoys collecting old NES and Gameboy games.

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