Why Are MacBook Chargers So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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Fletcher Crawford is a 20-year veteran of the electrical engineering field. He has worked on everything from Linux systems to Apple products, and is passionate about technology.

If you have a MacBook, you will need a MacBook charger to keep it charged. After some time, your MacBook charger will go through wear and tear and eventually need to be replaced.

If you want to buy a new MacBook charger, you might have wondered why the chargers are so expensive. I looked up the facts, and here is what I learned!

Why Are MacBook Chargers So Expensive?

MacBook chargers are expensive because Apple uses costly materials in the MacBook chargers for added safety features. Apple uses isolation methods since Apple users can only use Apple accessories like MacBook chargers for Apple products. Plus, Apple creates large marketing campaigns to boost its new products, which factor into the MacBook charger cost.

Do you want to find out what other elements impact the price of MacBook chargers? I made a list of factors below, so keep reading!

1. Isolation Tactics

When you have an Apple product like a MacBook, you are usually isolated to only using accessories made by Apple since the chargers are unique.

For instance, you cannot use a charger for a Samsung phone for an Apple phone, but a Samsung phone charger can work on various Android devices.

Further, this is because Apple isolates its products to only be used for other Apple products, so there is no other brand you can use unless you buy a fake Apple charger.

Essentially, Apple takes advantage of the fact that products from its company are the only ones that are compatible with Apple.

Therefore, Apple can charge a premium for its accessories like MacBook chargers since you can only buy chargers from the company.

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2. Marketing

Marketing has a great influence on customers since it can affect brand perception.

For instance, Apple’s marketing is focused on making Apple products look sleek, functional, and high-tech.

With this type of branding, Apple can assert itself as a top-quality tech brand, making people willing to spend more money.

Also, Apple’s marketers focus on large ad campaigns and events demonstrating each Apple product’s greatness.

Therefore, Apple can charge more for its products like the MacBook charger since the brand markets itself to be high-quality, making Apple products look like they are worth the price.

3. Materials

Another major reason MacBook chargers are so expensive is the materials used to create the chargers.

Generally, MacBook chargers contain a lot more materials than a regular adaptor for a charger.

For instance, a MacBook charger contains a micro compressor, which most other laptop chargers do not have.

That said, a micro compressor is a unique safety feature that MacBook chargers have to shut down the charger if there is an issue with the voltage or current going through the charger.

Therefore, people do not have to worry about power surges or an overheating charger, thanks to the micro compressor.

Additionally, another unique feature that MacBook chargers have is a chip within the charger that states the charger’s power, type, and serial number to the MacBook.

Essentially, the chip will tell you through your MacBook if the charger is used for the correct type of MacBook.

4. Labor Costs

4. Labor Costs

Labor costs have to be included in the price of each product since Apple has to pay each employee for manufacturing the products.

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Apple is a huge business with over 150,000 employees in 2021, which means Apple has to increase its prices accordingly to be able to pay each employee.

5. Profit

While Apple’s goal is to create high-quality technology for its customers, Apple is still a company that needs to make a profit.

As such, Apple can greatly mark up its products to ensure that the business is profiting from each sale.

Generally, the profits will go to Apple’s CEOs and major shareholders if the money is not reinvested into Apple.

For instance, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, received an $82.3 million stock award from Apple back in 2021.

6. More Safety Features Than Third-Party Chargers

People can buy fake Apple MacBook chargers or third-party chargers instead of legitimate Apple MacBook chargers.

However, Apple has specific designs for its MacBook chargers, which involve lots of safety features in each charger.

On the other hand, third-party chargers do not have these added safety features to save on costs, which is why third-party chargers are cheaper than genuine Apple chargers.

For instance, most third-party chargers are made in countries like China, which have fewer safety regulations regarding product manufacturing.

Therefore, these third-party chargers can get away with cheaper Apple chargers since they do not have to follow strict safety regulations.

While Apple products are made in various countries, including China, Apple products have to be sold in countries with stricter safety regulations.

Thus, Apple still has to incorporate extra safety features into each charger even if the chargers are made in China since Apple is primarily sold in other countries.

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7. A Willing Market

One of the main reasons Apple is expensive is the market Apple caters to.

Mainly, this means that Apple can charge however much money it wants for its product since Apple customers usually keep buying Apple products.

Typically, a customer’s willingness to pay can determine the price of a product even if the price does not meet the actual product’s value.

Also, most Apple users are reluctant to switch to other brands such as Samsung because they are familiar with Apple.

Therefore, a customer will likely keep repurchasing Apple products like MacBook chargers even if they are expensive since they are willing to spend the money on Apple.

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MacBook chargers are expensive since Apple is a company with large profit margins, and some of the cost of Apple products is used to pay for the employees.

Also, Apple is a large company with a willing market that will always buy Apple products, especially since Apple uses high-quality materials to create its products.


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