Why Is DoorDash So Slow? (11 Reasons Why)

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Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

DoorDash is one of the most popular apps, as it delivers food from restaurants to homes and businesses. Delivery people are paid per transaction, and they’ll get you food from any restaurant you want for a fee, in addition to a tip.

However, some people feel dissatisfied with the service. So, why is DoorDash so slow? Keep reading to find the answer.

Why Is DoorDash So Slow?

1. The Application is Too Popular

Over the years, more people have decided to use DoorDash, and this made the application too popular. With more people using the app to order food, chances are that most Dashers will be busy delivering orders when you place yours.

Moreover, people have got used to the convenience of having their food delivered instead of picking it up. This means that despite hiring more people, you’re likely to experience more delays with DoorDash than before.

2. It’s a Traffic Problem

Your DoorDahser might be late because they’re unable to overcome the traffic jam. Placing an order during peak times means that your order will probably be late.

In some areas and cities, the traffic is always bad regardless of the time of the day. In this case, there’s nothing to do but wait.

Luckily, the delivery person will be able to tell you that they’re on the way and explain why they’re late. Of course, this doesn’t solve the problem, but at least you know that your order is safe.

3. The Restaurant is Busy

Although you might blame DoorDash for the delay, the restaurant could be the culprit.

In most cases, your order will be late because the restaurant is too busy getting other orders ready. This can happen more often over the weekend or during peak hours.

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The DoorDash app offers a feature that allows you to check on the status of the order. However, if you really want to have your order fast, you can just go and pick it up yourself.

4. The Restaurant is Far Away

DoorDash lists numerous restaurants to choose from, and in most cases, the delivery is available within a 30-mile radius.

Yet, in some cases, the restaurant you’ve picked is located too far away, which means that your delivery person will be late when picking up and delivering your order.

The app can suggest other nearby restaurants that offer similar items, but if you insist, you might have to wait a little bit more for your order.

The good news is that you can track your Dasher to know much time they’ll take to reach you.

5. You Picked the Wrong Time

It’s pretty normal to get your food delayed if you place an order during peak times.

Around lunch and dinner, most Dashers will be outside delivering orders, which means that the order you’ve just placed will take more time to pick up.

DoorDash tries to solve this issue by offering special bonuses to Dashers who work during peak hours and complete certain challenges.

The application also allows you to place an order ahead of time so it can be delivered by the time you actually need it. However, if you’re really in a hurry, picking up your order by yourself will always be the safest option.

6. It’s a Busy Time of the Year

It’s a Busy Time of the Year

Some months are busier than others, so you might get your delivery order delayed. In the summer months, most people are outside or on vacation, and there aren’t a lot of orders. Your Dasher is likely to arrive on time.

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However, more people are likely to order food in winter instead of picking it up. Therefore, during the winter months, restaurants will be busier, and your Dasher will have more orders to pick.

7. Your DoorDasher is a Newbie

Do you remember the first time you started your current job? You probably struggled a little to get things right, and your DoorDasher is no different.

A lot of people experience delays just because the person assigned to pick up their order isn’t experienced enough.

As a result, they might get lost or simply feel confused while picking up and delivering your order. Still, you can follow up through the app if the delivery person doesn’t show up.

8. All DoorDashers are Busy

It might just happen that there’s no one to pick up your order. All DoorDashers in your area might be busy, or there might not be enough DoorDashers in your area, to begin with.

Finding a delivery person to pick up your order and deliver your food will take more time. Since there’s no way to tell you how many DoorDashers are located in your area, you’ll only find out the hard way when the order is late.

9. DoorDashers are Multitasking

DoorDash allows delivery people to pick up multiple orders on a single route. Dashers are able to pick up and drop off up to ten orders along the same route.

This is good news for the Dashers because they can make more money without going back and forth, but this is bad news for you.

Because the Dasher is delivering several orders at multiple locations, your food will probably be delayed. Moreover, it’s possible that it will arrive cold, especially if the delivery person is late.

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10. Your Order Was Ruined

Accidents happen and your DoorDash order might be late because your order was spilled. This happens if the Dasher has an accident or accidentally spills the order while carrying it.

In this case, your delivery person will have to return to the restaurant to have your food replaced.

Naturally, this means that they will take twice the time to reach you. In some cases, DoorDash won’t replace your order, but you’ll receive a gift voucher for your next order.

11. The App is Down

Although this doesn’t happen too often, DoorDash might be slow because the app is down. As a result, you’ll experience delays while placing your order or receiving it.

The order might arrive late to the restaurant, or the Dasher might be assigned a while after your order has been placed. The good news is that the app is well-maintained, so it’s unlikely to crash unless during extremely busy peak hours.

Wrap Up

DoorDash is a convenient food delivery app, but in some cases, the delivery might be too slow. This can happen for many reasons, but it doesn’t happen often. Nevertheless, DoorDash is still one of the most convenient platforms to use, so you can get your tasty food delivered wherever you want.


  • Maisie Hughes

    Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

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