Why Do We Exist? (15 Deep & Philosophical Reasons Why)

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Since the beginning of time, people have pondered human existence. There are countless cliche phrases repeated to justify our existence. One’s reasons for existence can be very personal.

Two people may have similar reasons for why they are alive, but individual influences support one’s reasons for existence. It can be difficult to determine why you exist without prior consideration. So, why do we exist?

Why Do We Exist?

1. Influencing Others

One’s ability to influence the people around them is a skill that few people have. As such, some people may feel that they are born to take on the responsibility of influencing others.

Whether it comes from setting an example to younger generations or helping someone along their own life path, the ability to influence is a fulfilling reason for why we exist.

Oftentimes, people struggle with their own paths. They may need guidance in determining how to get back on the right track. If you find that you have a knack for influencing people, this may be one of your purposes.

2. Serving Others

Similar to influencing people, one reason you might exist is to serve others. Rest assured that this is not meant as a demanding compliance. You can serve others in a multitude of ways.

Your career may involve teaching or mentoring children. If you have a passion for your work, your purpose could be to nurture the minds of the youth and help them meet their potential through their education.

In the same way, a passion for working in nonprofits or public service is a way to enlighten the community around you. Struggling communities can gain so much from just one more person giving their part.

3. Appreciating Pleasure

If you find yourself enjoying the life you have built for yourself, this is as good of a reason as any to exist. Appreciating pleasure and taking advantage of your leisure time is extremely self-fulfilling.

Perhaps you worked hard in your early years and were able to save enough money to retire early, vacation often, and spend your money how you choose. Having fun is a huge part of living life to the fullest.

On the other hand, maybe you are simply skilled at making the most out of time off of work and away from responsibilities. It does not have to be a lifestyle, but appreciating the pleasure of life could be why you exist.

4. Living Out Core Values

Life consists of figuring out your own core values. Once you have done this, you have only to live in a way that you can enact those core values into your daily life. Doing this can make your time on Earth worthwhile.

Determining aspects that make you who you are and society what it is can help you to live according to your personal values. In turn, you may be a happier person. You exist to be conscious of the world around you.

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You can also use your knowledge of yourself to be more comfortable in situations that might involve influencing those around you. This allows you to teach people about what existing means to you.

5. Following A Religion

Many people draw reason for their existence through the religion that they follow. There are seemingly countless religions to choose from, each consisting of different religious aspects.

While some argue that many religions are the same things with different labels, various religions offer different qualities. If you are a devout believer in your religion, chances are that you have chosen your reason to exist.

Religion can be very influential, particularly when dealing with your life beyond your time on Earth. Those who follow a religious path are determined to make the most of life for benefits afterward.

6. Inspiring Change

Some people may exist to inspire change. Celebrities, government officials, and even local leaders possess qualities that allow them to influence those who take interest in them. This is a valuable asset.

Your purpose in life could be to inspire change by the way you spread your message to other people. If your values reflect good intentions and you have grounds to influence groups, you can inspire many people.

People who benefit from inspiration are in great supply. Sometimes, it may seem that the masses are struggling to find a role model. If you can inspire people, this might be a driving force in your reason for existing.

7. Sharing Life With Loved Ones

Experiencing your life with people that you love is another reason why we exist. Finding joy in your family and friends allows you to cherish each moment you spend with them during your life.

Existing to share your life with your loved ones is beneficial for both yourself and those around you. You will learn to appreciate all of the time you get with people that mean the world to you.

In the same way, the joy you radiate can affect those around you. They can appreciate you just as much as you appreciate them. This sort of symbiotic relationship reassures people that life is worth living.

8. Facing Discomfort

Facing Discomfort

One of the things that scares people the most is being uncomfortable. Whether this involves being afraid to try new things, becoming distant in relationships, or anything else, your existence may push you to fight your fears.

Discomfort is seen as unpleasant because it is unorthodox. However, people face discomfort every day. Eventually, it may be something you have to force yourself to put up with. Still, this can help you.

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Learning to face your fears and discomforts can help you to thrive through thick and thin. Being your most comfortable self can lead to a fulfilling life in which you learn to never take anything for granted.

9. Discovering New Ideas

People may find their existence to be worthwhile through the new ideas they discover. If you can live a better life for yourself and provide assistance to others, you might have found your purpose.

Entrepreneurs and inventors alike create material things or ponder new thoughts that can later be useful to more people. Having a talent for business strategy, philosophy, and other things that take thought is difficult.

If you can develop techniques that are otherwise left undiscovered, you can find gratification in your craft. In some cases, your new ideas may carry on for generations to come, giving your life even more fulfillment.

10. Recognizing Society’s Faults

Similar to inspiring change, you might exist to recognize society’s faults. If you possess the strength and gusto to call attention to problems in the world, you might be able to influence changes.

When people look to you for wisdom and leadership in trying times, your ability to analyze problems and formulate solutions has the potential to make an impact.

If you feel that a personal skill you have deals with problem-solving, you might find that your reason for existing revolves around having the courage and strength to make big decisions to counteract problems in the world.

11. Supporting A Legacy

Perhaps you have grown to appreciate a certain legacy in your lifetime. Be it a company built by your family or a cause worth popularizing, your support of a legacy may be one reason that you exist.

If you have a talent for assessment and execution, you might be fit for helping a legacy continue to thrive. Well-known corporations, education systems, or popular culture trends might need your guidance.

Instilling your core values into a project that works towards a good cause helps you reach your potential while supporting the community that surrounds you. Some legacies are worth the time and effort required to maintain.

12. Creating A Legacy

While you might not fall into the category of furthering an existing legacy, your purpose for living might be to start a legacy of your own. If your mind flourishes with ideas, you should consider bringing them to fruition.

Having an idea that leads to success is both rewarding and fortunate. Continuing to build on that idea and capitalize on your opportunities can be the perfect way to find meaning in your existence.

People are full of ideas, but they may not always take action. If you have the determination to realize your passion and create something out of it, the legacy you leave behind can more than fulfill your existence.

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13. Finding Happiness

Perhaps the most cliche reason for existence is finding your happiness. However, upon further thought, you will realize that being happy is much more than an answer to the question of your purpose in life.

If you can find happiness, you will be much better equipped to face responsibilities head-on, overcome challenges in tough times, and find satisfaction in the life you live.

Finding what makes you happy is the key to thriving in life. Mental preparedness nurtures your relationships, physical preparedness withstands tough times, and happiness can spread to any and all people.

14. Leading Groups

Being a leader for a specific cause is just as important as inspiring change on a large scale. Little things need assistance just as much as larger demographics.

Whether you are a youth group leader, the CEO of a company, or the most daring of your friend group, embracing the quality of leadership can be the outlet for a life well-lived.

If you constantly seek leadership roles, you will get your chance eventually. When this happens, you can work towards fulfilling your life by playing an essential role in a variety of situations.

15. Teaching Others

Like many of the reasons on this list, helping, caring for, and inspiring others is a widely-claimed reason for why we exist. At least temporarily, all people need some guidance in their lives.

Teachers can provide a foundation through which their students can build their own success. This is applicable from an academic standpoint but applies to many other facets of life.

Teachers, trainers, counselors, and other leaders aid others in finding their purposes in life. The reward that comes from teaching may make you feel that you are living your life as it was meant to be lived.

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It is not uncommon to worry about why we exist. People struggle daily with their purpose in life. If you find yourself wondering what the meaning of life is, consider the reasons listed above.

Life is not always easy, and finding the motivation to continue your daily routine can be stressful. If you take the time to think about why you exist, you might be able to find what gives your life fulfillment.


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