Why Do People Like Oysters? (9 Reasons Why)

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Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

Oysters live in the sea, but humanity has found a way to put these mollusks on a plate. Some people like them, but a lot of individuals hate them. They’re not at the top of many cravings.

Why do people like oysters? Are they really fans of the mollusks, or are they pretending to enjoy them? Is there a demand for oysters? Why do some people love them so much?

Why Do People Like Oysters?

1. Low-Calorie Food

Everyone loves a low-calorie option, especially if it’s eaten with an alcoholic beverage and plenty of appetizers. About one dozen oysters have 171 calories, a minimal amount.

Since oysters have so few calories, they can be dressed up with other foods to increase the calorie intake for a meal. You can leave a gathering without feeling bloated.

The minimal calories in oysters make them an excellent food for those who want to lose weight. They are also an ideal appetizer before a heavier meal at a get-together. 

2. Tasty Food

Although many disagree, oysters are a tasty food option. Some describe them as tasting like the ocean. Some are sweet, while others even have a tang of fruit in their flavor.

Like most types of meat, there are different types of oysters. Each has a varying taste. Oysters from California vary in flavor from oysters harvested in the Washington area.

With the right spices and sauces, anyone can love oysters. They might have an odd texture, but that factor shouldn’t take away from the unique taste oysters provide for the eater.

3. High In Protein

Like many types of meat, oysters are an option high in protein. A single oyster can have up to two grams of protein hidden inside. Ten oysters mean twenty grams of protein.

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The high protein content makes this food ideal for those who want to bulk up and stay healthy. Oysters are also better for your body than other meats, like red meat.

Oysters are an excellent way to pack protein into an appetizer or a main course. They are some of the best foods you can ingest, straight from the ocean in the best way.

4. Potential Aphrodisiac 

Although there isn’t much evidence for this item, many believe oysters to be an aphrodisiac. This statement means they might have the potential to improve your romantic life at home.

Even if they don’t have aphrodisiac qualities, oysters can have a healthy impact on your body. This act will make you more appealing to the general public if you are dating.

Oysters are also fresh, so they can make you feel better about yourself in the bedroom and on the dating scene. It can cause a placebo effect and improve the way you feel.

5. Packed With Vitamins

Packed With Vitamins

Oysters have protein, but that is not the only benefit they possess. This food from the sea also has plenty of vitamins, ideal for health.

There are many nutrients packed in an oyster. You will find Vitamin D, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, and Vitamin B12. You can feel confident in the provided nutrients.

If you are on the hunt for a portion of excellent food to eat, try oysters. They might not have your favorite flavor, but you can be positive they’re serving your health well. 

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6. Pair Well With Sauce

Sauces work well with anything. You can find sauces on hamburgers, chicken nuggets, salads, stir-fries, and more. They are the cherry on top of a delicious dish.

Oysters come with tons of fun sauces, all made for varying palates. There’s a mignonette sauce, chimichurri sauce, and sriracha and lemon juice, among other options.

The variety of flavors makes it fun to experiment with what oysters have to offer. Maybe you like oysters – maybe you just haven’t found the right sauce for your palate. 

7. Wildly Versatile

The most common way to eat oysters is in the raw bar form. Here, you have to eat the raw meat out of the shell. It’s the reason many don’t like oysters. However, they’re versatile.

People love oysters because there are many ways to eat them. You can find them grilled, baked, stuffed, roasted, pickled, smoked, and fried, among other cooking choices.

Oysters go well in dishes like ramen and other pasta dishes. They are excellent for surf and turf. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the sea-based dish.

8. Fun to Eat

Although many hate the feeling of an oyster in their throat, others think they’re fun to eat. You get to suck the meat portion right out of a shell. It’s like an activity at a meal.

Not only do you get to have fun with the shell, but you can also stack toppings on top. You can make the meat look as beautiful as possible before you take your first bite.

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Many oysters come stacked on top of fancy platforms. It’s fun to pick your oyster from the stack, determining which will provide the best flavor. Eating oysters is an endeavor.

9. Fancy-Feeling

You can’t eat oysters without feeling fancy. They come in a beautiful shell, often served on a platter that feels like it belongs in a James Bond movie. You become fancy eating them.

It’s also rare to see oysters served at a restaurant that isn’t on the pricier end of the spectrum. They work well with alcoholic drinks and before fancy fish and beef dishes.

Most people enjoy oysters if they visit a location by the sea. Oysters imported come with beautiful shells and platters made for them. You’ll feel like royalty at a meal.

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Although many people hate the taste of oysters, there are plenty who love this dish. They are a low-calorie dining option, packed with protein, and offer wildly versatile options for diners.

It might take some getting used to, but anyone can enjoy the taste of oysters. They have a slimy texture, but there’s a delicious, salty flavor that can easily be acquired over time.


  • Maisie Hughes

    Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

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