Why Are Ultraboosts So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Adidas manufactures some of the most popular lifestyle, training, and athletic shoes available. One of their top products is the Adidas Ultraboosts. If you are looking to buy Ultraboosts, you might be surprised by the cost.

Compared to other name-brand shoes, Ultraboosts are typically more expensive. Ultraboost price has gone up since the Ultraboosts first dropped. Ultraboosts are high-quality shoes. Why are Ultraboosts so expensive?

Why Are Ultraboosts So Expensive?

1. Limited Distribution

One of the most simple answers to why Ultraboosts are so expensive is due to limited distribution. In any retail market, supply and demand constantly influence the fluctuation of prices between products.

Many people want Ultraboosts, but Adidas can only manufacture so many at one time. Since more people want Ultraboosts than there are Ultraboosts in circulation, Adidas can raise the price of the shoes accordingly.

Ultraboosts are expensive because the price tag influences how exclusive a shoe appears to be. When more people want Ultraboosts, those willing to pay the high price are the ones who reap the benefits of the shoes.

2. Adidas Name

With as successful of a company as Adidas, products are going to have their fair share of a high-quality reputation. Adidas is well-known for its athletic wear, and Ultraboosts are no exception.

Because Adidas has built itself as such a great distributor, it has gained international popularity. People can expect most Adidas products to be sufficient – at the very least. Ultraboosts exceed expectations.

Because Ultraboosts are associated with the Adidas name, they are more expensive than similar shoes made by lesser-known companies. Ultraboosts are a top-selling product, therefore already giving them traction.

3. Ultraboost Comfort

Ultraboosts are so expensive because of how comfortable they are. Aside from other reasons a customer has for wearing their Ultraboosts, comfort is often the main reason people buy the shoes.

Even compared to other Adidas shoes, Ultraboosts are often recognized as the most comfortable footwear product offered by the company. People who know anything about sneakers know about Ultraboosts.

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With the reputation of being the best, Ultraboosts are priced higher than other Adidas shoes. It goes without saying that they are also more expensive than many other shoes of different brands on the market.

4. Style Options

Another reason Ultraboosts are so expensive is because of their versatile style options. Ultraboosts come in countless colorways, and Adidas regularly releases newer models. Customers always love new releases.

With the many options available to choose from, this further grows the demand for Ultraboosts. People see so many new styles and colorways that they like and feel inclined to buy their own Ultraboosts.

As mentioned, higher demand for Ultraboosts allows Adidas to regulate raising the price of the shoes. Adidas consistently produces a wide variety of Ultraboost colorways that appeal to different demographics.

5. Multifaceted Function

Ultraboosts are so expensive because they are useful in a variety of lifestyles. Their multifaceted function allows them to play different roles as sneakers. Several personalities are drawn to Ultraboosts.

Someone may want Ultraboosts for running, training, casual wear, or lifestyle shoes. Since Ultraboosts are basically multi-purpose shoes, they are more expensive. You can wear them for different reasons.

Ultraboosts are exceptionally functional and so can be used as athletic shoes, but they are stylish enough that they are not designated solely for active people. Ultraboosts appeal to different lifestyles.

6. Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements

Adidas’s marketing team does an excellent job with endorsements, sponsorships, and collaborations. Because they are well-respected on a professional level, products like Ultraboosts are more expensive.

Different celebrities wear Ultraboosts, various sports leagues are sponsored by Adidas, and even individual athletes wear Adidas products exclusively by endorsements. This grows the popularity of Adidas.

Someone who sees their role model wearing Ultraboosts will likely want a pair of their own. With Ultraboosts being one of their most successful shoe releases, Ultraboosts continue to have high prices.

Adidas has done collaborations with a number of luxury brands. Although many people may not want to buy products from these collaborations, other Adidas products become more recognized through advertisements.

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7. Boost Midsole

One of Adidas’s best innovations is the Boost midsole. Adidas released its first shoe in 2013 containing a Boost midsole. It was intended for stamina and comfort for long-distance running but quickly grew to be more.

Runners began winning marathons left and right while wearing Adidas shoes with Boost midsoles. Boost instantly became popular among runners. They initially became expensive because of their athletic success.

Adidas has done well in promoting Boost in shoes like Ultraboosts, not only for running but also for comfort in any aspect of a customer’s life. Comfort is essential in shoes worn every day, and Ultraboosts show that.

8. Other Materials Used

Licensing can make materials cost more. New models of Ultraboosts are equipped with different materials that cost more for Adidas to get its hand on and incorporate into its shoes. Specialized Ultraboosts cost even more.

When Adidas has to pay more for materials used in a pair of Ultraboosts, they raise the price of the specific model to make up for the cost of manufacturing. A higher manufacturing price equals a higher retail price.

As with any retail manufacturer, this ensures that Adidas makes money. Certain Ultraboost models are more expensive than others, but this is because they are constructed with more high-quality materials.

9. Shelf-Life

Ultraboosts’ shelf-life is phenomenal. Materials used allow Ultraboosts to form to one’s foot and promote comfort while wearing. These materials also last longer than many other shoe styles.

Some hardcore runners claim that Ultraboosts last up to 250 miles of running, while people who use their Ultraboosts for casual wear have had the same pair for nearly ten years. Lasting shoes are expensive.

With a shoe that lasts as long as the potential of Ultraboosts, such an attribute appeals to many people. Those who seek high-quality, comfortable, long-lasting shoes are drawn to Ultraboosts because of their durability.

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10. Style Aesthetic

As mentioned, Ultraboosts are no longer solely advertised as running shoes. They are comfortable, high-quality lifestyle shoes. People are attracted to the shoes both because of their function and aesthetic.

With the many style options of Ultraboosts, customers are better able to incorporate them into their outfits. Being able to match your Ultraboosts with anything you wear allows Adidas to set a higher price.

As long as customers continue to be drawn to Ultraboosts for a variety of reasons, Adidas will find ways to appeal to different demographics. Ultraboosts have proven themselves as excellent outfit additions.

11. Popularity Increase

As has been discussed briefly, one of the main reasons Ultraboost are so expensive is simply that they continue to grow in popularity. Each time new Ultraboosts are released, customers flock to get their pair.

Adidas recognizes that one of their top-selling products is not going to lose traction anytime soon, and, as a result, sets the price of Ultraboosts high. Again, the high-quality shoes are worth the price to customers.

It is all too common to see multiple people wearing Ultraboosts when you are in public. In addition, chances are that each customer appears to have different tastes, further establishing the versatility of Ultraboosts.


Ultraboosts are more expensive than other shoes produced by brands for the same shoe style. While some Ulraboosts may appear simple, sophisticated technology goes into manufacturing these comfortable shoes.

Ultraboosts are so expensive for several reasons, such as supply and demand, materials used, and the style options of Ultraboosts. People of different walks of life are drawn to Ultraboosts for their versatility.


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    Yasmin Fisher is a fashion-loving shopaholic who has spent the last 10 years in customer service. She loves finding great deals, and thrifting is one of her favorite weekend activities.

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