Why Are Dining Chairs So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

The dining area in any house makes a statement about style and character, which is why most people choose their dining chairs very carefully.

But if you’ve looked at the prices for dining chairs recently, you may have been amazed. If you want to know why dining chairs are so expensive, keep reading!

Why Are Dining Chairs So Expensive?

1. Dining Chairs Are Professionally Designed

For most people, dining chairs are a big-ticket item; they are an investment that will last a long time.

That said, dining chairs can cost between $200 to $600 each, So to meet customers’ expectations, they must be professionally designed to high standards.

Designs for dining chairs must meet the criteria for comfort, aesthetics, and style. Whether formal and traditional or less formal and farmhouse style, they help define the home’s style.

For all of these reasons, dining chairs are designed by professional designers who are paid high fees. As you can imagine, these costs add to the price of the chairs

2. High-Quality Materials Are Used

Whatever the design and style of the chairs, high-quality materials are used in their construction.

If the chairs are upholstered, the fabrics or leather must be strong, durable, and attractive. Also, dining chairs can be treated to make them stain and scratch-resistant.

Further, the chairs can be made of wood or metal, but these materials must likewise be durable and attractive.

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Certain types of wood, like solid cherry or oak, are especially popular, but they are also more expensive.

3. Quality Craftsmanship Costs More

Along with quality materials, a high degree of craftsmanship is needed to make dining chairs.

For example, wood, metalwork, and upholstery are skilled crafts that take time and care to produce quality dining chairs.

Therefore, skilled workers are paid higher salaries, which is reflected in the total cost of the chairs.

4. There Is A Complex Production Process

Making dining chairs is complex, with many different parts to be put together in precise ways. That said, the complexity of the production process increases the cost.

Further, the chairs may be crafted by hand or robots, but both processes are expensive because robots still have to be supervised by skilled techs. If they are customized, that adds to the cost.

5. Shipping Costs Are Higher For Bulky Items

5. Shipping Costs Are Higher For Bulky Items

Dining chairs are bulky, but they must be handled carefully, meaning shipping costs are quite a bit higher than for other bulk items.

Also, the chairs take up a lot of space in warehouses and showrooms, increasing the costs for the seller, which are passed on to the customer.

6. Dining Chairs Are Durable

Dining chairs are a costly purchase and not something that you buy frequently. Therefore, they must be durable and last for ten or 20 years, or even longer.

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Since customers usually buy dining chairs only a few times in a lifetime, manufacturers price them higher to recover costs.

7. They Come With Warranties

High-end dining chairs come with warranties that guarantee them against defects in materials and craft for a number of years.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the warranty, the better the item’s quality. However, better quality also means higher prices.

8. There Are High Overhead Costs

Besides shipping, there are also overhead costs like warehousing and displaying the chairs in showrooms and stores.

For one thing, chairs need large spaces to store and display, which means higher rent expenses.

Further, there are fixed operating costs like utilities and salaries for staff, all of which make dining chairs more expensive.

9. Branding And Exclusivity Cost More

Certain furniture brands like Crate and Barrel, Ethan Allen, and Pottery Barn have acquired a reputation for quality. That said, their furniture stands for style, good taste, and good living.

Therefore, customers are willing to pay for well-known brands and chairs sold by upscale stores like Wayfair and Joss and Main.

10. They Must Be In Style

While dining chairs are bought for the long term, fashions come and go, and most people want to stay on-trend.

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That said, current styles always cost more, and dining chairs are no exception.

11. Dining Chairs Are Bought As A Set

Finally, dining chairs are expensive because they are always bought as a set. For example, people usually buy six at a time, though sets can consist of four, eight, or 12 chairs.

Of course, this increases the total cost exponentially.

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Dining chairs are expensive because they are professionally designed for comfort and style. Also, quality materials are used to make the chairs, typically lasting for ten to 20 years.

Production and shipping costs are high, which adds to the prices. Naturally, well-known dining chair and furniture brands cost more.

However, customers get the high quality they are paying for, and the chairs will maintain their appearance and style for a long time.


  • Brandon Porter

    Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

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