Why Is WhistlePig So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

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If you’re a Rye whiskey fan, you probably know what WhistlePig is all about. It is regarded as one of the best-tasting Rye whiskeys in the world.

But, aside from knowing how good its taste is, are you also aware of how costly WhistlePig is? If not, discover more about how this whiskey has become one of the most expensive!

Why Is WhistlePig So Expensive?

WhistlePig is expensive because of its world-renowned excellent taste that people love. Since WhistlePig is still relatively new to the whisky industry, the company needs to spend money on marketing strategies that drive up the price. Additionally, WhistlePig is made in Vermont, which is known to be home to the best Rye whiskeys.

Want to know more about WhistlePig and why is it expensive? Here are seven reasons why. Continue reading!

1. WhistlePig Has Fantastic Flavor

WhistlePig is often regarded as the forefront of what a Canadian Rye whiskey can achieve.

Further, the tastes of WhistlePig’s spirit are incredible, with a richness and intensity that one would generally associate with a high-end bourbon.

As a result, a bottle of WhistlePig completely redefines what a “fine” Rye whiskey must be, which gives WhistlePig the power to charge every bottle of whiskey at a higher price.

2. WhistlePig Marketing Costs

WhistlePig has established itself as one of the major brands in premium Rye whiskey just a few years after its first launch, pushing the boundaries of the whiskey industry.

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But, before all the recognition and the popularity, WhistlePig spent thousands of dollars in marketing since it’s known to be a rookie in producing whiskeys.

So, the effort and investments made by the company must return in profit, which will happen by passing on the expenses to the product’s retail price once out in the market.

3. WhistlePig Aging Process Costs

The aging process is crucial to the perfect taste of whiskey, and a two-barrel maturing technique is used to create WhistlePig Rye 10 Year Old.

Additionally, the Rye whiskey undergoes a ten-year maturing process in new American virgin oak barrels.

After that, the whiskey undergoes further aging in Bourbon barrels, adding more to the company’s operating costs.

But, as a result, it gives a distinct aroma and spice from the aging process in two separate barrels.

The WhistlePig currently operates its distillery, where Rye is farmed and bottled by hand.

Of course, operating a distillery that conducts an aging process comes with a price that makes the WhistlePig even more expensive.

4. WhistlePig Is Top Shelf

4. WhistlePig Is Top Shelf

WhistlePig’s goal has become a reality after several years of hard work and dedication by putting the finishing touches on a comprehensive farm-to-table Rye-producing business.

As a result of hard work, WhistlePig’s Vermont Estate Oak 15 Year is its longest-aged Rye to release, a smooth and rich matured expression enabling Rye to the top shelf spot.

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Of course, knowing the company’s hard work is starting to pay off despite its expensiveness, WhistlePig continues to charge its whiskey at a high price.

5. WhistlePig Is One Of The World’s Most Awarded Rye Whiskey

WhistlePig is the most awarded Rye Whiskey in the world for its excellent flavor and taste resulting from years of maturation.

So, the company rescued an unpopular grain that had gone off the rails after Prohibition and brought it back to life with the help of a passionate team of Rye lovers.

Since then, WhistlePig started to climb up to the industry of great-tasting whiskey, and the company has proved its brand in the market and never considered cutting its price.

As a result of being the most awarded Rye whiskey, despite its expensive, people are still willing to grab a bottle of WhistlePig whiskey.

6. WhistlePig Is From Vermont, Home To Good Rye Whiskeys

Vermont has a vibrant spirits industry, with Rye whiskey being one of them. In fact, several of them receive local and international awards for their superb quality and tempting flavor.

In addition, many distilleries feature tasting rooms where visitors can taste and purchase whiskeys. They can also be found at special events and festivals across the state.

Of course, with all these factors, Vermont has been regarded as home to excellent Rye whiskeys that are popular worldwide.

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As a result, WhistlePig has the confidence to sell its whiskey at a high price because of Vermont’s reputation regarding whiskeys.

7. WhistlePig Is Still New To The Market

WhistlePig is known for releasing its first-ever bottling in 2015, and if you do the math, the company is still relatively new to the world of whiskey.

But, despite being new, WhistlePig’s first release is already at a high market price because of scale economies which are standard for an establishing business.

Overall, whiskey lovers did not mind the expensive WhistlePig as they believed they were paying for the quality of the whiskey.

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According to what I discovered, WhistlePig has become expensive because of its great-tasting whiskey that people love.

Additionally, the company spent thousands of dollars on marketing, and production costs, especially on the aging process, driving up the price tag of WhistlePig.


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    Maisie Hughes is a 20-year veteran of the culinary world. She has worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, and she currently volunteers her time at local food banks.

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