Why Are Landlords So Greedy? (9 Reasons Why)

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Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

Landlords across the country have been raising the rent. Many people would agree that high rent prices make your landlord seem greedy.

Some landlords pass on additional costs to their tenants and seem greedy. Other landlords are greedy. Here are 9 reasons why landlords are so greedy.

Why Are Landlords So Greedy?

1. They Don’t Have Jobs

Collecting rent is their only job. If a tenant doesn’t pay, the landlord doesn’t get their paycheck from the rent payment.

Some landlords rely on rental payments for their income. However, many landlords have their properties financed, so they deduct the loan from the rent payment.

They also have to deduct taxes and other expenses. The remaining balance is their monthly salary.

Landlords need tenants to pay on time because the landlord does not have any other job or source of income. That is why they’re greedy.

2. Property Tax Increases

Your landlord’s property taxes have likely increased, passing those costs on to their tenants.

It might seem like they’re raising rent because they’re greedy, but they need to cover the cost of property taxes.

Cities across the country have been increasing property taxes, and your landlord is not immune. However, they might negotiate them to get lowered, which might help your rent.

Some cities raise property taxes to fund projects. For example, your area may see improved streets or sidewalks in exchange for higher taxes. Keep that in mind if your landlord increases rent due to taxes.

Property taxes are not in your landlord’s control, and they may seem greedy for raising the rent to cover the higher taxes.

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3. Insurance Costs

Property owners, especially landlords, usually carry property insurance on rentals, so one reason they may seem greedy is that their insurance premiums went up.

Insurance costs have been rising, and your landlord seems greedy for passing those costs on to rental prices.

Also, if there have been recent catastrophes or natural disasters, those may cause insurance to go up for your landlord.

For example, if a hurricane hit and all insurance went up, your landlord’s insurance likely went up with the rest of the region.

The landlord will pass those costs on to their tenant by raising the rent. This makes the landlord seem like they’re greedy when in fact, it’s the insurance company raising rates.

4. Maintenance Costs

Landlords usually cover maintenance costs for their property, and increased costs of materials for maintenance could cause rent to go up.

This would make your landlord seem greedy for wanting to raise the rent. Maintenance is necessary for the upkeep of their rental property.

Landlords may do regular maintenance routines like pest control or yard maintenance. But unfortunately, those costs increase over time, increasing rent prices and making the landlord seem greedy.

If major repairs need to happen, like a roof repair or large appliance replacement, the landlord may raise rent to cover the costs. But, again, they will seem greedy.

5. Rental Market

Rental Market

Your landlord seems greedy for raising the rent to keep up with the market. U.S. rental markets are on the rise like everything else.

Surrounding rentals may be renting for a specific rate, and your landlord is trying to stay competitive in the market.

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This may make them seem greedy, but to them, it’s business. But, unfortunately, they need to make money too.

The market sets the rent prices in a specific location. Supply and demand drive prices and your landlord has to keep up. This makes them seem greedy.

6. The Economy

The overall economy could affect your landlord’s bottom line, so they seem greedy for demanding rent.

The U.S. economy has its ups and downs, and the last couple of decades have seen a lot of shifts in economic conditions.

Your landlord will likely respond to the economy and adjust rent accordingly, making them appear greedy.

Economic conditions often determine rental prices. Costs of goods and services affect property costs and rent prices. Your landlord seems greedy for adjusting the rent in response.

7. Mortgage Or Loan Payment

You very likely have a deadline to pay your rent in your lease contract or rental agreement. A date like the first or fifth of the month is very common for renters.

Your landlord requires you to pay on time because they also have a due date for their mortgage or loan payment on the property. Therefore, they have to pay on time.

Landlords who have payments due on the property will seem greedy for demanding rent on time. However, their payments must be paid to the loan company or bank.

8. Distrusting

Your landlord may be greedy because they don’t trust their tenants. They are scared they’re not getting paid their rent.

Some tenants should not be trusted. That’s why there are applications and background checks when renting property.

Landlords seem greedy because they’ve experienced bad renters and don’t want to deal with that again.

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They ask for a large deposit or pet fee because they’ve had to do a lot of repairs from previous tenants. As a result, landlords are distrustful when they rent again. This makes them greedy.

9. Greedy Slumlords

Some landlords are greedy. They don’t care about the law or their tenants. They are genuinely greedy and want the money.

Slumlords who don’t make any repairs and don’t care about their tenants’ well-being are truly greedy individuals.

They lack empathy and only demand their money without providing a habitable living space for renters.

Unfortunately, it’s common practice in urban areas for many people to live in one rental unit. As a result, landlords collect as much as possible for those properties.

Slumlords are greedy landlords who take advantage of their renters and exploit the system.

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These 9 reasons explain why landlords are so greedy. They are trying to profit, and some don’t care about their tenants.

However, there are a lot of landlords who do care about their renters and don’t like having to raise rent prices. Sometimes it’s outside their control, but it makes the landlord seem greedy.


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    Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

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