Why Is LoveSac So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

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When it comes to comfortable furniture, few brands are more renowned and trusted than LoveSac, especially when it comes to bean bags and sectional sofas.

However, there is one thing stopping most people from purchasing LoveSac: LoveSac’s prices. Why is LoveSac so expensive? I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Why Is LoveSac So Expensive?

LoveSac is expensive because it’s a big brand that consistently produces high-quality sofas and bean bags. LoveSac uses proprietary Durafoam technology and the Designed for Life approach to creating furniture,  setting Loveac apart from other furniture companies. LoveSac maintains showrooms and offers a smooth online shopping experience on its website, which can be costly.

If you are interested in learning more about the factors that make LoveSac an outstanding brand and the perks that come with LoveSac furniture that makes them expensive, keep on reading!

1. LoveSac Uses Durafoam Technology

There is a reason why LoveSac remains one of the most popular bean bag brands. Apart from LoveSac’s superior aesthetics, LoveSac also uses Durafoam technology.

That said, this technology refers to the proprietary blend of Durafoam, which is closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam that makes LoveSac bean bags so soft and comfortable.

Therefore, with Durafoam technology being a tested-and-proven technology that can only be enjoyed through LoveSac, it is natural that LoveSac bean bags are pretty expensive.

2. LoveSac Is A Big Brand

LoveSac is a popular furniture brand that consumers trust because of its consistently high-quality products.

Moreover, LoveSac receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for designing innovative furniture that addresses the most pressing concerns of homeowners.

Therefore, a big brand with a massive following in the furniture industry can place hefty price tags on products and still guarantee sales, which is what LoveSac does.

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3. LoveSac Maintains Showrooms

Like other furniture brands, LoveSac has to maintain showrooms where people can appreciate their products best.

Also, since sofas and bean bags are big pieces of furniture, LoveSac’s showroom has to be spacious enough to accommodate all the designs it offers.

Therefore, to cover the cost of operating these showrooms, LoveSac has to increase the prices of its products.

4. LoveSac Furniture Is Guaranteed For Life

LoveSac furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that each bean bag and sofa is designed to serve you for a long time.

When items have lifetime guarantees, companies are sure that the materials it uses are of exceptional durability, and field studies can support this.

Naturally, high-quality materials are costly, and their value is immense, which is why LoveSac ensures that it is properly compensated for bringing such a product to life.

5. LoveSac Has A Superb Online Shopping Experience

5. LoveSac Has A Superb Online Shopping Experience

LoveSac enables consumers to select and purchase all their products through the company’s website.

For many consumers today, this feature is a critical factor in securing a sale.

However, to provide this level of convenience, LoveSac has to pay for expert services that will maintain the aesthetics and functionality of its website and its security.

Naturally, such services are costly, which is why LoveSac products are so expensive.

6. LoveSac Offers A 60-Day Home Trial

A 60-day home trial is a big advantage, especially with the current popularity of online shopping. This way, you can do away with items you do not love and get a refund.

So, while LoveSac does stand to lose money this way, it also stands to gain something bigger: its customers’ trust. Overall, it proves that LoveSac is invested in your satisfaction.

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Additionally, LoveSac is reputed for making returns, replacements, and refunds a breeze. Lastly, this massive perk that comes with all LoveSac furniture drives up LoveSac costs.

7. LoveSac Furniture Is In High Demand

With the COVID-19 pandemic introducing a new normal, more and more people are investing in home improvements.

For example, one such improvement that is still making waves two years into the pandemic is comfortable furniture, and nothing is more comfortable than bean bags and sofas.

When it comes to bean bags and sofas, LoveSac is an undisputed authority, resulting in increased demands for LoveSac furniture.

Consequently, higher demand means higher prices.

8. LoveSac Has Various Configurations

One of the coolest things about LoveSac sofas is that they come in various configurations, meaning each section of the sofa can be rearranged to suit your preferences.

Further, this makes LoveSac sofas multifunctional and enables LoveSac sofas to adapt to any space.

Naturally, LoveSac knows the value of this feature and places a high price on its furniture.

9. You Can Design Your Own LoveSac

When you go to LoveSac’s website, you will be given the option to design your own sofa. First, you choose how many seats you want, and then you can pick out the details.

Moreover, LoveSac offers five main categories for designing your own sofa: Build, Stealthtech, Cover, Fill, and Accessorize.

Within these categories are the finer details, such as the fabric you want and the color they should come in. After finalizing your purchase, LoveSac will begin constructing your sofa.

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Today, customization is a game-changer for businesses because the more you can tailor a product, the higher the price they can ask for it.

10. LoveSac Furniture Is A Long-Term Investment

Since LoveSac furniture is designed to last a lifetime, LoveSac expects that it will take several years before a customer buys the same product.

Therefore, this lengthy gap between each purchase will make producing and selling LoveSac furniture impossible if it does not sell each of its products at a high price.

11. Import Fees Can Increase LoveSac Prices

LoveSac furniture is beloved worldwide, and if you are ordering LoveSac products outside of the US, you can expect that the import fees will make LoveSac even pricier.

That said, this is especially true for countries that are notorious for placing extravagant tariffs on imported goods.

Given LoveSac’s prices, even a small tariff can make LoveSac so much more expensive.

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LoveSac is a furniture brand that produces some of the industry’s best bean bags and sectional sofas.

While LoveSac is known for being expensive, customers trust that LoveSac always delivers the best value for their products.

Also, with LoveSac’s stellar branding and the innovative features of LoveSac’s products, it is easy to understand why LoveSac is expensive.


  • Brandon Porter

    Brandon Porter is an architectural draftsman of 25 years and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating homes and making them his own, whether it's fixing up the plumbing or painting the walls.

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  1. Granted, the upside of LS is measurable. But come on. It’s not a couple of hundred dollars more or even a thousand dollars more it’s several THOUSANDS of dollars more expensive. I agree about the closed cell foam, it is expensive and frankly cool that LS uses this tech. Nonetheless, north of 10 thousand dollar investment in a sectional ? Man, that’s a Honda ATV purchase.


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